Erica Velasquez, Evolve East Owner, Reach & Dream Big
Erica Velasquez, Evolve East Owner

I believe in the importance of being present. I believe in embracing the current moment. I believe in simply being. There is a time and place for this practice. On the other hand, I also believe in thinking ahead, thinking BIG and dreaming outside the box for a beautiful future. Goal setting is a common ritual practiced by people all around the world. Below are tips I enjoy practicing. I hope it serves you.

Dream Big With These Helpful Tips

Tip #1 : Journal – Write down or sketch your big dream and then practice the 7 why exercise. Below is an example.

Goal: Own successful day spas around the world 

Why Question Number One: Why do you want to own successful day spas around the world?

*Because I want to combine my business knowledge with my passion of health and wellness

Why Question Number Two: But why?

*Because I enjoy doing business and I enjoy helping others

Why Question Number Three: But why?

*Because it makes me feel alive

Continue this exercise until you get to “Why Question Number Seven.” Find a comfortable and quiet place to perform this exercise. Write it out carefully and dive deep into your answers. The 7th why will be the deepest answer and unleash serious truth. Once you have your 7th answer, allow this to be your affirmation for the month.  Enjoy this exercise. No judgement & no perfect answers. Just go for it and see what comes up!

Tip #2: Find a mentor, a guide or a motivational speaker: Who has worked their way to reach a goal similar to yours? Who is a leader? Who has already done it? Be inspired and ask questions to these people. It may be beneficial to follow in their footsteps, but always add your unique touch to the process. Why reinvent the wheel?  Gain as much advice from professionals as you can. Learn from your elders. Find a mentor. Educate yourself.

Tip #3: Remember mistakes and failures are your best teachings.  Learn from your mistakes and allow the failures to push you closer to your successes. It is ok to mess up. It is ok to make mistakes. These experiences will help develop your skills and make you stronger. Mistakes keep you humble. Stay focused on your big dream.

Tip #4: Meditate. I enjoy a 20 minute meditation practice early in the morning.  Sometimes I will stay laying in bed listening to a meditation or find a comfortable seat in bed. It is a great way to start the foundation of your day. Free audio meditations can be found at http://www.beebosnak.com/meditation/ . I enjoy the sound of Bee’s voice and message. Take a listen when you have 20 minutes of time to dedicate to your meditation practice.

Tip #5: Enjoy the journey. If you are not having fun for the most part, change things up. You will approach obstacles along the way so if you do not truly enjoy your journey towards your big dream, then you might quit. HAVE FUN! Life is not meant to be so serious. Do what you love. Smile. Laugh at the not so beautiful moments. Enjoy the journey.

Homemade Skin Care Inspired by Chilean Relative: Homemade Skin Care – 3 Recipes For A Radiant You

Homemade skin care tips inspired by Chilean relative

3 Homemade skin care recipes

Homemade skin care inspired by homemade meal: As a teenage girl, I remember I was walking down the streets of Chile, South America with my Tia Oriana (Aunt Oriana). We were on our way to a local farm stand to find the best ingredients for a homemade meal. Upon arrival, I watched as she would pick out the freshest fruits and vegetables for family gatherings at the lunch table. Lunch is the main meal for my Chilean side of the family. My Aunt Oriana is a very talented cook and I appreciate how she would always feed us the best whole food ingredients. She purchased, prepped and cooked like a top chef. The table would be covered with the most delicious salads, assorted vegetables, fresh meats and always fruit for dessert.

In regards to homemade skin care, it was beautiful to watch the sweet nutrient dense juices of the fruits and vegetables melt into her dancing hands during lunch prep. It reminded me of a true nature beauty treatment. My Aunt Oriana always has incredibly soft and radiant skin. I am always memorized with her glowing skin. The combination of fresh produce, fresh water, natural lotions, and sunlight resulted to her beautiful skin throughout the years. My LaLa (Grandma – Abuela) is the same way. They are true examples of natural beauties in my opinion.

Inspired by these women, I have decided to share my top 3 homemade beauty treatments. You can find all of the ingredients in your local grocery store! Maybe they are already in your kitchen! Enjoy! iGracias!

Grapeseed Oil Bedtime Treatment  – Use For Homemade Moisture – Face 

6 tbsp grape seed oil for hydrating the skin

2 drops rose oil to promote a healthy glow

1 tbsp warm honey for moisturizer

3 tbsp chia seeds or 5 tbsp ground almonds for exfoliation

Directions: Mix all ingredients into a bowl until a paste forms. Sweep mixture over face and neck before bedtime. Leave on for 20 minutes then wash off with warm water. Option is to add a night cream to face and neck after the treatment for extra moisture.

Avocado Hair Mask – Use For Homemade Shine Enhancing – Hair 

1/2 Avocado which contains vitamin B and E to strengthen your hair

2 tbsp organ oil which softens unruly strands and nourishes hair

10 drops rosemary essential oil which pampers a dry scalp

1 tbsp apple cider vinegar which helps remove product buildup that dulls hair

Directions: In a blender , add the four ingredients and pulse together. Work the mask through dry hair from roots to tips. If you have oily hair, skip the scalp. Let sit for 15 minutes then rinse and shampoo out. Do this 1 x a month or as preferred.

Silky Soft Body Scrub – Use For Homemade Exfoliation – Body 

8 tbsp raw honey which soothes and heals dry skin

2 tbsp ground coffee for exfoliation and firming

8 drops grapefruit oil which has antibacterial properties

Directions: Mix all together in a bowl. Before your shower, gently massage the scrub onto dry skin. Rub in small circles. Let sit for 1 – 20 minutes. Shower off and feel silky smooth.

Enjoy making these fun homemade recipes for your beauty treatments! Drink plenty of water, sleep well and go outside today! Cheers to your health and beauty inside and out!


Health Spa Lessons Learned : Health Spa Experience – Spa Lessons Learned

A visit to a health spa is a vital way to add energy to the body, ease any stiffness and remove stressful tension in the body. Yoga, massage and teas are critical investments into your health for the long term journey. Below are 20 lessons learned from a health spa.

Welcome: A welcome drink upon arrival sets the tone of an excellent health spa experience. *This hibiscus flower tea is a signature spa drink. The flower is edible and the tea is delicious. Hibiscus Flower Tea is known to help with high blood pressure, high cholesterol, building a strong immune system, and helps to reduce the risk of cancer. It can also speed up the metabolism and help in healthy, gradual weight loss.

Smile: A smile and friendly face at reception generates tremendous positivity, welcoming and comfort. “Welcome,” “How may I help you,” and “Thank you for visiting” are all words to use to ensure an excellent customer experience. Smile more.

Local Ingredients: A spa using as many local ingredients as possible is very attractive. *Example: Local Coconut Oil at a Caribbean Beach Spa, Local Grapeseed Oil at a Vineyard Spa, Local Plant Oil at a Jungle Garden Spa, etc. Local ingredients can be used at home for cleaning, beauty and cooking too.

Robes & Slippers: Warm fluffy robes and slippers are heavenly and enhance a spa experience. After a treatment or shower at home, pamper yourself in a cozy robe and pair of slippers.

Hand Towels: Ice cold hand towels infused with essential oils such as lemongrass feels so refreshing and cleansing to the hands before a treatment or at home.

Body Towels: Oversized, soft and hot towels feel excellent on the body. Luscious towels are luxurious.

Health Spa Windows
Health Spa Glass Bottle Windows

Decor: Unique decor will display the character and ethics of a spa. *This eco friendly and creative spa group designed their windows out of colorful glass water bottles in an effort to recycle and be sustainable. Recycle.

Custom Treatments: Spa treatments are for men and women. Spa treatments can be customized based on skin type, health conditions and/or age. Make sure you tell your therapist in advance your conditions and preferences for customization.

Clean: Cleanliness is a must. The cleaner the spa the better the ratings.

Clean Restroom: A clean restroom exemplifies the cleanliness of the  business. A kind reminder to use the restroom before a treatment is appreciated by the guest.

Wash Hands: Therapists should always wash their hands before a treatment. Food smelling fingers do not make for a pleasant spa facial. We should all be washing our hands more often with water and a light soap.

Incense: Not all spa guests enjoy aromatic incense. Use cautiously.

Health Spa Thai Yoga Massage
Health Spa Thai Yoga Massage Session

Therapists: A spa therapist can make or break your spa experience.  *Special Thank You to Miss. Siripon Thakham for demonstrating how to create an excellent spa experience. She was born in Thailand and spent most of her life studying Thai yoga massage, essential oil massage, body wraps & scrubs and facial treatments. She is teaching me so much here. This post was inspired by her spa experience, knowledge and kindness.

Ask: A therapist who asks their spa guest if they have any injuries or if they would like to focus on any specific area shows care and respect.

Questions: Well trained massage therapists will ask “how is the pressure” or “please let me know if you prefer more or less pressure.”

Music: Spa music is so relaxing. Play soft and calm music.

Health Spa Pool
Health Spa Pool

Water: A spa needs, by definition, to have water.

After Treatment: A private location after a spa treatment such as a pool, garden or quiet room to relax is delightful.

Praise: Therapists deserve high praise and recognition for healing and helping others feel their best.

Gratitude: Thank you are powerful words. Use them.

Health Spa
Health Spa Inspiration Thinking Lounge Chair