Monthly Focus

September 2017 – Reap what you sow in life 

Take the time to review your past actions and notice what has been created in your life. What type of decisions have you made during the summer. What have these actions created. Self study during the month of September. Reap what you sow. What choices did you make and what will you harvest during the fall.

July/August 2017 – Consistency and momentum

Keep running. Keep the ball rolling. Keep going. Do not quit on what it is you have set your mind to. Consistency is key to any longterm goal. Flow with the momentum and move with the current. Focus.

May/June 2017- Take Action 

It is time to take action with your ideas, thoughts and plans. Bring your energy and awareness into each move you make, each person you speak to, each experience you harness. Allow each action you take to bring you closer to your goals.

April 2017 – Root to rise

Find ways to root down or ground down during the month of April. The more grounded you are the more you will be able to rise up to your greatest potential.  Practice rooting down in your yoga practice such as incorporating poses such as balasana and finding a comfortable seat close to earth for meditation and pranayama.  More examples found in blog post on March 28th. Enjoy rooting and grounding down this April. Root to rise.

March 2017 – Plan, prepare and organize before taking action 

Find the time to sit down and focus on your planning. Remove and clean out the things and thoughts that do not serve you. With a clean slate, prepare and organize by writing if preferred. Practice and speak out loud if preferred. Strategize however you feel comfortable before any big event. The more prepared you are in your mind the better you will be able to take skillful action.

February 2017 – Go where you have never been before

See the unseen. Go to unfamiliar grounds. Take the road less traveled. Challenge the mind. When you go to where you have never been before it allows you to see the world from a different perspective, enhances creativity and broadens your horizon. Realize life and adventure is a beautiful gift. Be open to change and allow it to inspire you.

January 2017 – Big risks for big rewards

The start of a new year suggests the start of new intentions. January 2017 signifies a new beginning, a fresh start and a time to evolve. Sometimes you must take big risks for big rewards in the new year. That may mean ending a relationship, quitting a job, moving to a new location, etc. to enable big rewards, new opportunities and big dreams to blossom. Take a chance, be fearless and be honest with yourself. Enjoy this new chapter.

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