Focus of the Month : Root to Rise: April 2017

Erica Velasquez, Evolve East Owner
Erica Velasquez, Evolve East Owner

Focus of the April Month: Root To Rise

“As the spring flower grounds its roots down, it lengthens it’s stem and petals up towards the sun”

Smiling: Root your lower lip down as you length up the sides of your mouth. Try this while in Balasana, Childs Pose

Standing: Root down in your feet as you lengthen up with the crown of your head. Try this while practicing Tadasana, Mountain Pose.

Breathing: Root your diaphragm down as you inhale and lift your chest out and up. Try this while meditating.

Sitting: Root down your sitting bones as you lengthen your torso sides up. Try this while sitting in the car.

Pose of the Month:

Childs Pose aka Balasana

Excellent pose to ground yourself down and embrace earth’s transition into spring. Kneel on your mat. Bring your big toes to touch and walk your knees mat width apart.¬†Lower your chest towards the earth. Sit your hips back towards your heels. Extend your arms shoulder width apart. Reach fingertips towards the front of your mat. Lower your head. Spread your fingers. Rest & breathe.

Root to rise tip

In childs pose, root and ground your hips and chest downwards as you bring your navel up towards your spine

Focus of the Month : Root to Rise: April 2017
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